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Create a webpage with live pictures or video from your webcam
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TinCam Webcam
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17 January 2013

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You might be running a website that has all the things which any professional website might posses. But here is something that we are going to reveal and straight away could transform the way images used to feature on your website. Amazing and innovative software TimCam 1.08 can help you achieve the ultimate feat of bringing live pictures right on your website through webcams connected with your computer. It actually uploads pictures as well as live videos that are captured by the cams so that your website looks dynamic and very interesting. The software actually employs FTP for uploading webcam picture or can open an http server. Besides that the tool also avails the possibility for saving the captured pictures in a specific folder.

However if you do not have a webcam page then need not worry as TinCam itself generates a webcam page. In the webcam page it enables audio-video streaming and uses Windows Media Video format. Fascinatingly it also is designed to support multiple cameras installed in your system furthermore has the motion detection facility, wherein it can capture images through the webcams if any motion is detected. The moment any image is captured, the program can email you with or without the image. Due to these facilities TinCam can be acclaimed as a fine security software meant for spying or aid in securing any place. Each of the pictures that are captured by webcams are labeled with any heading or caption by this software so that users can understand varied details of the picture like date, time place etc. More to it, this application can insert watermark and can keep a database of all images which are captured since long.

TinCam happens to be a versatile security as well as amusing software that will keep you not only safe but also give your website an amazing look. Hence we can definitely allot the application earn a score of three out of five.

Publisher's description

Create a webpage with live pictures or video from your webcam. Upload pictures with FTP, serve them directly from your own computer or simply save them to a folder. TinCam can create and upload a webpage automatically. You can write text on the page, change colors and add a background picture. Use TinCam to monitor your home, your car, your office etc. When TinCam detects motion it can grab a picture and send it to you in an email. TinCam supports multiple cameras. TinCam can insert a caption on the webcam pictures. Captions can contain time and date, and can be loaded from an external textfile. You can add a logo or a semi-transparent watermark to your webcam pictures. You can schedule captures every hour, day or week. TinCam can keep a history of the latest pictures on your website. TinCam can create thumbnails of webcam pictures on your website. TinCam can start with windows and run in the background.
Version 1.08
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